Eliminating interprovincial regulatory barriers to trade is one of the most powerful actions our governments could take to increase long-term growth and prosperity in Canada. The benefits to businesses and consumers in Ontario and across the country would be significant.

Over time, regulatory complexity and accumulation can erode the effectiveness of regulators, creating overlapping functions, inefficient structures and other problems. This leads to a decrease in services standards, including delayed inspection enforcement, approvals and other regulatory functions. These inefficiencies can impede innovation and trade opportunities for Canadian companies.

Canada’s complex network of overlapping regulations from all levels of government has created a costly and uncertain environment in which to operate a business

In 2017, the Treasury Board Secretariat  initiated consultations with business and other stakeholders as part of a review of the Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management. It reported that a majority of stakeholders indicated that departments and agencies do not always undertake a thorough cost-benefit analysis and that the approach to this analysis is not consistent.